La Maxima 79

Salsa band La Maxima 79 celebrates the golden era of the genre, bringing a fresh take on that old-school salsa sound to devoted fans across the globe.

The music of La Maxima 79 is the place where salsa musicians, salsa DJs and salsa dancers come together, thanks to the band’s unique vision and style.

As a successful salsa DJ, band leader Fabrizio Zoro knows how to give salsa dancers exactly what they want out on the floor.

The band has fused salsa styles such as mambo, guaracha, guaguancó, cha cha cha and ritmo changui to create global hits such as Mi Chula (2013), Pobrecita (2013) , La Gripe (2015) and Iglesia Rumbera (2018)

 Guaguancó is especially important to band leader Fabrizio Zoro and inspired the name of La Maxima 79’s first album: Regresando al Guaguancó. Following the enormous success of this debut album in 2013, the band released its second album Joseito in 2016. Their latest, multi-style album Resilienza launched in 2019, paying special tribute to the rhythms of Cuba.


These releases have captured the hearts, minds and bodies of salsa musicians, dancers and fans alike, bringing the golden age of salsa back to a global audience. La Maxima 79 continuously refreshes the traditional sounds of salsa, keeping the heyday of the genre alive for the diverse audience that’s populating today’s salsa concerts, festivals, bars, clubs and dance competitions.

Live concerts

The band frequently plays at prestigious locations around the world, taking the best of Italian salsa to an ever-increasing international audience. As well as performing in salsa clubs across Italy, the band has previously appeared live at: Barrio Latino (Paris), Istanbul Salsa Festival, Moscow Salsa Festival, Benidorm Salsa Congress, Frankfurt Festival, Lebanon Latin Festival, Rabat Salsa Meeting, Hammamet Salsa Festival, Pirineos Salsa Festival, Milan Salsa Festival, Warsaw Salsa Festival and LatinFiexpo International Festival Latino Americano.

«In the end, It is the dancers who decide the success of a song.

I will continue to make songs and hope that people will love them.»
– Fabrizio Zoro